A Time to Remember

by Walter Carrington, a personal diary of teaching the FM Alexander Technique in 1946.

Published by The Sheildrake Press (UK). Hardback 1996. ISBN 0951999818/978-0951999813.

Walter Carrington began his diary on his return to Ashley Place after the War and it records his life as an assistant teacher, both giving private lessons and working on Alexander’s training course. Carrington’s preface explains the background and the setting for the diary which covers the period of March to November 1946 with an additional entry from 1947. It catches the atmosphere of the time as well as providing some interesting Alexander quotations. The book includes a list of students on Alexander’s course 1931-55, facsimile of the prospectus, an introductory pamphlet to the Technique from 1951 and 30 pages of notes with additional information on events and people referred to in the diary.