Teacher Training Courses


A Longstanding and Unique Tradition

In 1931 F M Alexander established a training course for teachers. Walter Carrington joined this course in 1936 and after qualifying continued to work with Alexander until F M died in 1955. Walter moved to 18 Lansdowne Road in 1960 and continued to run the course until his death at the age of 90 in 2005. Ruth Murray and Alan Philps, who both worked with Walter from the 1980s, have headed up a large team of teachers many of whom also worked with Walter for a considerable number of years. Since Ruth’s passing in 2021, Alan has become sole Director of the school. Our aim is to continue this unique tradition, still working in very much the same way.

“It is no use to tell people what to do and how to do things – you have to teach them how to think so that they can use that in any situation.”
Dilys Carrington

The Three Year Course


Tailor made to the individual

What sets the Alexander Technique apart from other learning is the focus on the individual’s personal development. Whatever the activity, and whether a student is working alone or with other students, the teachers’ attention is always on the individual, and their aim is to facilitate each student’s developing experience and understanding of the Technique. Because of our reputation for excellence, we have many teachers who visit from all around the world so students have a wide and varied experience from different teachers.

Core Content

Each of our students receives daily individual work from a variety of teachers. In the first four terms they will receive a weekly private lesson from one of the senior teachers, after which they will have a weekly lesson with the Head of Training, Alan Philps.

Private and weekly group sessions on voice work with Alan Philps and Duncan Knowles, and using the horse saddle in small groups with Gloria Pullan. Other core content includes working in small groups, directed activities, the reading and study of Alexander’s books and basic anatomy.


The training course runs Monday-Thursday 9:30-1:30 with a half hour break. The number of weeks is 36 per year.

Post Graduate Terms

We are committed to the idea that there is no end to learning about the Technique and offer our graduates two post-graduate teaching terms, without fee. These terms offer an excellent opportunity for newly qualified teachers to gain further teaching experience under supervision, but of course, this is not mandatory.



The course is recognised by the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, (STAT) At the start of their training students are required to give an undertaking that they will not teach until they have completed their training. On satisfactory completion of their training, students receive a certificate of graduation from the Constructive Teaching Centre and become eligible for admission to STAT as teaching members. STAT approved training courses require three years study. The school follows the usual academic pattern of three terms, amounting to about 36 weeks per year.

College of Teachers Approval

CTC is able to offer the College of Teachers qualification to any student who wishes to participate. The teaching in the school will not change in any way, but student will be asked to keep a journal of their observations and write one short and one long essay during the three year training period. Certain teachers will be available to help them with this work. These pieces of written work will be assessed.

If you want more information on this, please contact the school directly.


The Walter Carrington Educational Trust has a Bursary Fund for students training at the Constructive Teaching Centre. The Fund depends on donations, so the amount available for bursaries may vary from year to year. For details please see Bursaries.

Applying to Study at CTC

There are no formal or academic requirements to attend this course (though we do appreciate a good sense of humour!) and prospective students are expected to make themselves familiar with the Technique by having private lessons and visiting the training course, where they will meet the students and teachers.

Application Form

To apply, please print off the application form and send it in to the school.




The fees per term are £1,780.  The fees are payable in advance.