About Us

The CTC is a school for those who have an independent mind. It is a place for someone who seeks knowledge and a thorough understanding of the principles of the Alexander Technique. It is for those who want to discover something for themselves. The opportunities are here for anyone who wants to take them.

The teachers who come in to school are exceptionally generous with their experience and are prepared to share their own discovery. After all, FM discovered this Technique for himself and led the way, but to some degree, we all have to discover it for ourselves and the CTC provides a safe, friendly and supportive environment in which to do so. The school aims to guide their students in a direction where they can teach themselves how to teach others from a place of real understanding. The school provides students with all the tools necessary for teaching.

The Constructive Teaching Centre is the uninterrupted continuation of the training school for teachers of the Alexander Technique that was started by FM Alexander in 1931 at Ashley Place in London. Walter Carrington joined this training course in 1936 and qualified in 1939. He continued to work with FM as a teacher on the course until FM died in 1955. After FM’s death, Walter Carrington continued the training course at various locations with a group of teachers that included Peggy Williams and Irene Stewart.

In 1960, Walter moved the school and his family into No. 18 Lansdowne Road and named the school the Constructive Teaching Centre.

The success of the Constructive Teaching Centre owes much to the close relationship between FM Alexander and Walter Carrington. Walter died in 2005, and without a break the very long serving band of exceptional teachers at the CTC carried on, gradually introducing new members, all of whom uphold a tradition of excellence that increases as the years go by. Through their teaching they continue to provide an environment of generosity, tolerance and stability and as Walter said, “Put people into a state where they can learn.”