Working with Actors ~ Workshop with Kate Kelly

Working with Actors ‘Before the Curtain opens’ with Kate Kelly. Saturday 28th April, 10:30 am – 3:30pm. Lunch 1pm-2pm. Everything a performer enacts on stage is rooted in the everyday experience of their attitudes and habits, movement and speech. These can be questioned and addressed when working with actors ‘before […] Read more »

Working within the Hypermobility Spectrum ~ Julie Barber

Working within the Hypermobility Spectrum ~ Julie Barber with Roxani-Eleni Garefalaki and Maddy Paxman. Being aware that a pupil is HM gives insight to teachers as to why some problems pop up such as underdeveloped proprioception, a pupil being simultaneously both ‘too loose’ and yet ‘too tight’, or frequent soft tissue […] Read more »

Upcoming Workshops for Teachers

Basic Balance – A Workshop with Wolfgang Weiser, Sweden Re-finding our base of balance with the principles of the Alexander Technique. Saturday – Sunday, 18th – 19th November. 10:30 AM till 4:30 PM. Details here. Read more »

Summer Holidays

CTC, the Teachers Training Course, is now closed for the summer holidays. We start again Monday 11th September. Although we are still open for private lessons, please allow extra time for us to respond to emails, book orders, room hire inquiries, and telephone calls. Read more »

New Book with Walter and Dilys Carrington’s Writings

An Evolution of the Alexander Technique – Selected Writings by Walter Carrington and Dilys Carrington Paperback. 406 pages. Walter Carrington and Dilys Carrington’s development of the Alexander Technique continue to be inspiring and influential. This comprehensive collection of their writings bring together more than 45 articles, lectures and interviews covering […] Read more »

AH! – The Whispered Ah ~ Mary Holland

AH! The Whispered Ah Workshop with Mary Holland In this practical workshop we will look at various aspects of the whispered ‘ah’, including the use of the tongue, lips and jaw, and the maintaining of expansion during expiration and inspiration. And last but not least we want to find ways […] Read more »

Riding simulator, ‘Robocob’, at CTC

Until mid-April we can offer Alexander Technique with an advanced riding simulator, ‘Robocob’. It is useful for bringing about release of the legs and pelvis and getting the back toned. Please see > Riding Simulator for more information and how to book. Gloria and Vicky are offering lessons. See […] Read more »