Autumn Term – with a difference!

On 14th September, the Alexander Technique teacher training course at The Constructive Teaching Centre resumed. Due to the ongoing risk of coronavirus transmission, we have adapted our procedures to comply with the government guidelines on COVID-19 prevention for ‘close contact’ professions. It is a priority for us to offer students the best quality training achievable and with that in mind, we have attempted to keep the school day as close to normal as possible, whilst making the adjustments necessary to keep everybody as safe as we can. You may read about these measures in the risk assessment


Visiting the Training Course This Term

At the Constructive Teaching Centre, we have always been delighted to welcome visitors from the UK and abroad. Our rich community of alumni, as well as other visiting teachers and prospective students, make an important contribution to the variety and atmosphere of the school week. This term, because of the risks associated with COVID-19, visitors will be limited to a maximum of one per day, by arrangement in advance. This applies even to those who may be recent graduates or regular visitors to the course. If you would like to visit, please contact us before attending the school. 


To book, please email us at:, or call the school on 020 7727 7222.