Speaking With Confidence ~ 6 Week Course

Date(s) - Sun, 1st Jan 2017
7:00 PM till 8:15 PM

Alexander Technique Centre

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A confident voice and a confident presentation go together. Singer and Alexander Technique teacher Alan Philps will use his thirty years of experience to help people develop a more relaxed and authoritative voice. Simple aspects of efficient voice use such as articulation, pace, breathing, volume can be learned by anyone. The course will also cover vocal hygiene – how to look after your voice in everyday life and avoid misuse (which typically leads to hoarseness and nervousness). This course is for beginners – anyone interested in presentation, teachers, business people improving their impact in meetings and interviews, and of course singing. It is fundamentally practical – you will be using your voice. No previous knowledge of the Alexander Technique is necessary.

Tuesdays 7:00 – 8:15 pm.

6 weeks: Tuesday 10 January – Tuesday 14 February 2017.

£75.00 for the six weeks when paid in advance.

Special trial offer: Pay £20 for the first evening. If you decide to carry on with the remaining five weeks, then pay a further £60.

Booking in advance is essential! Please make sure you have signed up by Thursday, 5th January 2017.

To book email:



Alan Philps MSTAT

Alan is a teacher of the Alexander Technique and Voice Coach and Co-Director of the Constructive Teaching Centre. He has specialised in voice work for over 30 years. He trained at The National Institute of Dramatic Art, Sydney and with International voice teacher, Florence Norberg, London. Alan coaches in voice use for groups and individuals in London at The Walter Carrington Educational Trust, Imperial Wharf. He aims to help people understand the voice, both physically and psychologically, and to use their voice more effectively. People come to voice work for a number of reasons. The voice is perhaps the most crucial part of communication. Using your voice effectively, improving the way you move and use your body, speak and present yourself is vital in so many areas, such as:

  • Performance, Acting and Singing
  • Communication in Business
  • Presentation and Public Speaking
  • Assertiveness, Relationships and Confidence Building

He uses the Alexander Technique as the basis of the work that he does with the voice. The Technique allows the correct support for the voice and automatically leads to improved breathing, stamina and strength.

When you come to Alan for voice lessons, you will work to :

  • Help you communicate more effectively, whatever your audience
  • Use your body most effectively to support the voice and deliver the best performance
  • Improve clarity, assertiveness and expression when you speak
  • Help you feel free in your body and voice
  • Overcome nerves and increase confidence
  • Improve your personal impact
  • Support your own personal development
  • Overcome shyness and speech difficulties, such as stammering.