Posture Release Imagery Workshop

Date(s) - Sat, 26th Jul 2014
2:00 PM till 4:00 PM

Constructive Teaching Centre

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John Appleton talks and demonstrates his Posture Release Imagery method.

Saturday 2pm – 4pm. Free.

Posture Release Imagery is a new discipline for positively changing our habitual structures/postures and responses… indirectly. It is based on concepts of early evolutionary structure and sensory development that remain within us. The images, which are to be experimented with, and their underlying principles can bring important personal insights as well as unexpected and welcome changes to the habits in our structure.

The developer/discoverer of this approach, John Appleton, has been a teacher of the Alexander Technique in the Midwest of the United States since 1986. His early efforts to explain the Technique to potential students and his interest in understanding the basics of healthy structure in even early organisms were the catalysts for the imagery and new principles of healthy use that he suggests he has discovered.

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