Aikido and the Alexander Technique

Date(s) - Sun, 17th Sep 2017
10:30 AM till 4:00 PM

Alexander Technique Centre

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A one-day workshop with Tim Soar and Regina Stratil.


Sunday September 17th 2017 10:30 to 16:00
At The Constructive Teaching Centre
Fee: £70, or £50 for Alexander teacher trainees and those in full time education.
The workshop is open to Alexander teachers, teacher trainees, and experienced students of the Alexander Technique.
Min. 8 max. 12 participants.

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Aikido is a modern martial art in the classical tradition. The practice of the traditional arts of Japan is understood as an opportunity to balance the body and to focus the mind. Many of these traditional disciplines are also significant visual art forms, and Aikido, with its flowing movements and calligraphic gestures, can be very beautiful to watch, almost like a vigorous partnered dance.

The primary focus of the Alexander Technique, and that of Aikido, are essentially the same: how to meet an increasingly stressful stimulus with poise, equanimity and clear decision. Aikido is practised as a movement discipline with a partner, which works towards our being able to meet another person’s intentions and energy – even hostile intentions – without shrinking, and in a way that promotes the best outcome.

In this workshop we will explore some of the ideas of Aikido, and learn some of its forms and movements, both singly and in pairs. We will explore how we meet and make contact with a partner, and how we can blend with a partner’s movement without losing our own direction.

To join in all the activities in the workshop you will need to be able to move comfortably and easily between lying or sitting on the floor and up to standing. If you have any concern about participating in the workshop please do contact Tim or Regina.

Tim Soar and Regina Stratil are both Alexander Teachers with over 20 years’ experience of Aikido, and have trained with many of the most senior Japanese and Western instructors. About a year ago, they began to discover similarities in their Alexander-influenced approach to Aikido, and they offer this workshop as a synthesis of their ideas.
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Regina Stratil:

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