Dart Procedures with Robin Simmons

Date(s) - Sun, 21st Jun 2015
1:00 PM till 4:00 PM

Constructive Teaching Centre

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The Evolution of Movement – Dart Procedures – With Robin Simmons.

Based on his lessons in the Alexander Technique, Dart composed a series of manoeuvres that can be seen to parallel both human individual growth and development, and the evolution of vertebrates. In exploring this series you can gain new insights as to how to balance your right and left bodies, how to manage your breathing, and how to help yourself and others with back problems and coordination issues. They have also been successfully used to help disabled people in conjunction with the Alexander Technique. By employing conscious inhibition and conscious direction in these explorations you enhance your Alexander Technique skill. You are guaranteed a unique experience.

Robin Simmons MSTAT, SBAT has been working with Dart’s Procedures since 1970 and gives a weekly seminar on them at his AT training centre in Zürich. His new book The Evolution of Movement will be available for purchase at the workshop.

Cost: £40

Maximum 12 people.

Sunday 21 June 1pm-4pm.

To book please contact Robin: simmons.heiz@bluewin.ch.

Tel no. +41 78 602 28 53

Robin Simmons - Dart procedures workshop