Compassionate Attention — with our students and with our self

Date(s) — Sat, 30th Jun 2018
10:00 AM till 5:30 PM

Alexander Technique Centre

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With Annie Davenport Turner

Do you feel daunted by a student’s emotional release? Or wonder how to compassionately listen to the surfacing of their memories without feeling helpless or caught up in them? And how are you with your own emotions?

This workshop will show you a way of being with your student that doesn’t require psychotherapeutic training, yet which allows them to feel unconditionally safe. This allows their past experiences and patterning to release, yet you can remain safely loving and present. This method honours our elements of non-doing, stillness, and the fact that it is how the teacher is, not the student, which creates the conditions for change, enabling the student to constructively release and transform trapped emotions. Compassionate Attention can help shift obstinate patterns of reaction so the student can move on into further Alexander work with greater ease.

The process also assists us to turn towards ourself with a gentleness and compassion that transforms those things within which require continuous inhibition, or are just too painful to face.

The day will consist of both empathy and humour, quiet awareness, sharing and discussion, group and partnered work, and ideas and skills to take away for both your teaching and your life. This is an extended version of the workshop I gave at the AT Congress in Limerick in 2015.

Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity. Be generous with your attention, to both yourself and others’ — Simone Weil.


Saturday 30 June, 10 am — 5.30 pm. Cost: £85 (Student teachers £65)
Open to teachers, student teachers, and those interested in the subject for their own life.

To book please email CTC.

Annie Davenport Turner

Annie Davenport Turner



Annie Davenport Turner -

I qualified with Paul Collins, Elizabeth Langford, Vivien Mackie, and Robbin Simmonds in London in 1983 and have taught continuously ever since. I gained my post-graduate certification with Bruce Fertman in 2017. In 2008 I also qualified as a facilitator of an emotional transformational process and am now co-director of the facilitator training school. I recently set up Open VoiceTM through my work with performers and those in the creative arts who struggle in any way with the emotional side of life and performance. I also sing, dance, enjoy the art of fooling, write, paint, garden, and take rather more photographs than is probably wise!