Ruth Murray

Ruth Murray was born in 1936. At Grammar School Ruth showed great promise as a young athlete but constant pain halted this development.A diagnosis of arthritis stimulated a lifetime interest in food and food reform — she worked at Cranks Health Foods in the early Seventies — and also led her to the Alexander Technique.

Ruth had her first lessons in the Alexander Technique with Dilys Carrington in 1974. She trained as a teacher with Walter and Dilys at the Constructive Teaching Centre between 1977 and 1980. Ruth has been a full time member of the teaching staff at the centre since her graduation and was appointed as a joint director of the training course in 1990.

In April, 2001, Ruth took over from Dilys Carrington, the responsibility for the supervision of the students in their first four terms on the training course.

Ruth is a former Council Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.

After her work, her interests are her family and the theatre.