A Safe Place to be Curious ~ Lucia Walker

Date(s) - Sun, 12th Mar 2017
10:00 AM till 4:00 PM

Alexander Technique Centre

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A Safe Place to be Curious

Curiosity, Creativity and Confidence in Learning and Teaching

A workshop for teachers and third year students with Lucia Walker.

I believe that one of the first steps in teaching and practising Alexander’s work is to help people observe their experience and use in a new way (Observation). To be curious rather than judgmental and to create the space and time to make conscious choices (Inhibition). Also to have real experience of ‘a thought is an act’ (Direction).

In this workshop I will introduce some of the simple ways I do this in a group and one to one.

We will look at how our questions and our attitude as teachers can help create a calm and lively space for the pupil to explore, and how we, in the teaching role, can enjoy confidence and creativity in whatever arises.

“It is absurd to try and teach a person who is in a more or less agitated or even anxious condition. We must have that calm condition which is characteristic of a person whose reasoning processes are operative”.

F. M. Alexander, CCC, p. 80.

£80.00. 10am-4pm Sunday March 12 2017.

Booking and payment deadline: Wednesday 8th March

Minimum 8 and maximum 20 participants. Booking by email: constructiveteachingcentre@gmail.com. Contact us page.

Lucia Walker

Enjoyment of the sense of vitality and well-being that arose from learning Alexander Technique, and a desire to support people to be more fully themselves and to express themselves more easily in their chosen life activities, stimulated Lucia to train as a teacher.
Lucia qualified in 1987 after 3 years training with her parents Dick and Elisabeth Walker at the Alexander Teacher Training Centre Oxford. She teaches the technique to individuals, groups and on teacher training programmes and holiday workshops in England, France, Germany, US and Japan. After qualification she also assisted on her training school in Oxford for many years. Working with performers is a particular interest and she works regularly with classical musicians, singers actors and dancers.
Fascination with the relationship of vision to use and movement led to ongoing study and teaching with ALTEVI (Alexander Technique and Vision) with whom she led holiday study retreats and workshops. She has also explored Nonviolent Communication (NVC) which like AT supports the ability to change habitual responses and facilitates listening more deeply to oneself and others. She continues to work as a movement artist, specialising in Contact Improvisation and Instant Composition, teaching, directing and performing.
Lucia was one of the three Directors of the International Alexander Congress held in Oxford in August, 2004 and has presented at 6 of the other International Congresses. Since 2014 she has been co-director of Alexander Technique Learning and Teaching Programmes, Johannesburg, running a teacher training programme and introducing the work in a variety of contexts.